Crouching Tiger Hidden Noodle Soup $11 @ NaiNai's Silver Spring

Taste Just Like Grandmother’s Cooking @ NaiNai’s Silver Spring (CLOSED)

Zodiac Dumplings $13

Order up an assortment of all their dumplings on one plate from brand new noodle and dumpling bar in Down Town Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. With so many choices, it’s hard to pick just one type of dumplings. So we went right for an assortment of everything they have. Zodiac correctly named comes with dumplings filled with Veggies (green), Pork (red), Beef (fried), and seafood combination of shrimp, scallops, and whitefish (white). Of course, it comes with a sweet dipping sauce. It might just make you want to double-dip. The perfect way to try all their popular offerings in this one combination. Each one is so excellent and unique, and it’s tough to pick your favorites. Defiantly a big fan of traditional fried dumplings with beef and pork. Something about those simple dumplings we’ve had many times never fails to taste so good. That is a lot of pellets on a plate and really should be shared with friends’ family-style. Though, I won’t blame you if you attempt to eat it all by yourself — a great new addition to one of our favorite neighborhoods right next to Silver Spring Metro Stop.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Noodle Soup

Warm yourself up on a cold day with a nice big bowl of pork noodle soup from a brand new noodle and dumpling bar in Downtown Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. It wasn’t easy to pick out of so many different noodle soups on their menu. It all came down to the most fun name ever, Crunching Tiger Hidden Noodle Soup. It’s the name that calls out to you or orders it. It’s a big bowl with so much that we had some trouble finishing it. Could be also because we had far too many dumplings for appetizer. Large long noodles with a lot of soft pork strings in chicken broth. Flavor-wise all the different toppings and broth were very balanced, and nothing seems to compete or overpower anything. Pickled mustard sounded so fun, but not sure if we could taste it. The broth had this slight mustardy flavor kick to it so that it could be that. Bamboo shoots ad crispy garlic added a nice little crunch to the soup. Now the big question, will I run on treetops and have amazing martial arts skills after eating this soup? Defiantly will be back, especially on a cold day during winter, to try six other noodle soups.