Croque Madame @ La Piquette in Cathedral Common DC

Best in Town Croque Madame @ La Piquette in Cathedral Common

Beef Tartar

The only French way to start the brunch is with some fancy meat like Beef Tartar from La Piquette, a small restaurant in Cathedral Common, DC’s National Cathedral neighborhood. At the cute place where all waiters speak with a sexy French accent, we start our Sunday foodie experience with some raw meat dishes. Whaa raw meat? You heard it right. We were eating hand-cut beef tenderloin season and served uncooked. Ah, our favorite part of this dish was the fries. So thin and crunchy; no need for any condemns. Goes great with the tartar. Not precisely an overly crazy concept for those of us who love sushi. So live adventures and try something new. A light soft dish that went great with a side of thin fries and salad. A pretty lovely dish, but $16 is too much for it. It might leave you craving more. Not their star dish, but the rest of the food is way better, so don’t let this judge the whole place.

Croque Madame (5/5 NOMs)

Closest you can get to an authentic Croque Madame from La Piquette, a small French restaurant in Cathedral Common, DC’s National Cathedral neighborhood. Many restaurants may serve this dish, but none does it so well, so be prepared to get your taste buds wowed away. This is probably one of the most beautiful-looking dishes we’ve had. I love the amount of gruyere cheese overflowing from all sides under the thick toast. It’s not just any ham; instead, they use Jambon de Paris, cooked to a specific French recipe. Of course, it’s not complete until a beautiful bright yellow sunny-side-up egg is on top with a perfectly runny yolk. As you slice it with a knife, all the gooey things mix, and yolk covers the whole thing. Together all this creates one of the most impressive breakfast dishes. The combination of solid cheese and ham flavors with a crunchy toast. Unlike other dishes, this massive sandwich is only $14, which makes it an excellent order. This is a prevalent order available for both dinner and brunch. They only make a finite number daily and tend to run out quickly, so order yours early.

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