Cloak and Dagger Sandwich from Copper Canyon Grill

Sandwich that James Bond Might Eat? @ Copper Canyon Grill

Onion Rings

We here to steal your secrets! I can’t find this on the menu, and I just got to ask for this secret item. These onion rings are so big, the size of my giant head. They weren’t bad, but I can’t really say I was impressed with them. They tasted wet and not much flavor. They come with dipping sauces, but I want my rings to have more without the sauce. I usually prefer more crispy, crunchy onion rings, so that I could be biased.

Cloak and Dagger Sandwich

Is this what James Bond eats? I can’t pass up a sandwich that reminds me of spy games with Cloak and Dagger Sandwich from Copper Canyon Grill in Down Town Silver Spring. This agent nomster is ready to steal food secrets. That is one big sandwich, and I had to really work hard to fit it into my mouth. Multi layers of nomnom goodies like prime rib, black forest ham, cheddar cheese, dill pickles, and spicy brown mustard. Mhhhh, I love the meatiness of this sandwich sure makes us happy. After all, who doesn’t like big meat in their mouth? Served with nice au jus dipping sauce. Everything is always better dipped. Served with a nice order of thing french fries. There is so much food that I could only finish only half and was happy to enjoy the rest. This is a pretty upscale place, but I’m not overly sure if this sandwich is worth $17.