Chili Mac from Hard Times Cafe

Chili Mac & Chili Fries @ Hard Times Cafe

Chili Mac $9

Not the mac you are looking for. I don’t always like everything I eat. First-time visit here and thought which Mac & Cheese with chili would be fun. Got it with Cincinnati Chili for $9. I was very disappointed, especially since I’ve met the chefs from Rockville. This is really just spaghetti that u can buy in a store toped with something that might be called chili. Fragile dish!

Chili Loaded Fries $8

Load the payload of chili. I really enjoyed this appetizer. Two people can eat this and be full before the main course arrives, lol. There was lots of cheese and Terlingua Red Chili. Their regular fries are drench in oil, too much oil. Someone needs to get a towel and suck it off, lol. I recommend loaded over regular.