Cheesesteak $10 @ Spataro's Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

Philly Cheesesteak From the Source @ Spataro’s Cheesesteaks Philadelphia

You don’t go to Philly and not get a cheesesteak like the one from Spataro’s Cheesesteaks in Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. We were very excited, hungry nomsters to visit the home of Cheesesteak. You can try a good cheesesteak from several places, and we went for the one with the shortest line. We went some a beautiful and straightforward order with mushrooms and peppers. It had a consistent sweet flavor throughout with a nice amount of cheese and sauce. While it tasted pretty good, not overly too greasy with some tasty flavors, it just didn’t have that intense flavor we were expecting. When you eat a cheesesteak in Philly, there is an expectation of being wowed. Defiantly enjoyed that it wasn’t too heavy and didn’t make us fall into a food coma. The bread was nice and light with lots of cheese and sauce for that extra gooey messiness without going all over our hands. For the most, we were able to stay clean. Price-wise it was pretty good for just $10. You get a whole lot of food. / Facebook / Yelp
51 N 12th St Reading Terminl Market Philadelphia, PA 19107