Cha Siu Sapporo Ramen from Make Cafe

Cha Siu Sapporo Ramen $10 @ Make Cafe Rockville

I’m a noodle fish in a sea of ramen for lunch at Rockville’s traditional Ramen place in the DC suburbs. It’s a build-your-own bowl of ramen kind of place. You get a choice of 14 different types of meat or veggies, 5 different kinds of soup base, noodles, plus any extras you desire. For our extras, I only care about the egg. Give me egg or else! Well, for an extra $1. Each ingredient portion fits so well that the dish flavor is very well balanced, maybe even too balanced? Nothing sims to jump out and capture our taste buds, no ups or downs, just very calm. It could be the more traditional side of ramen showing or tasting in this case. Still, a delightful dish that satisfies this hungry nomster.