Capital Pride Parade 2017

Capital Gay Pride Parade 2017 Unapologetically Proud

Happy Pride Nomsters!!!

Happy Gay Pride Nomsters!!! Join us in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community at Capital Pride Parade 2017. Explore groups, organizations, and allies who came together to celebrate the Washington DC metro area’s diversity. During the weekend of June 8 – 11, Washington DC turns rainbow colors as everyone celebrates gay pride. DC is one of the most diverse and gay-friendly cities in the country. Unlike many other places, Capital Pride covers 3 states with DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We made sure to capture some of the best floats and, of course, as much eye candy as possible. Make sure to like, share, comment, and subscribe, or else kittens will cry!

We’ve been to the parade many times and found a perfect spot. Next time make sure to go to the start of the parade route at P St and 21 St intersection. The float and participants were very excited to see everyone and were far more engaging with lots of hugs and beads. This was the most beads we got in all the years combined.

Learn more or get involved at for more information. They are hosting year round events for everyone in DC metro area.

Pictures from the Parade

Pictures from the Capital Pride Festival

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