California Club Sandwich @ Lori's Diner San Francisco

California Club Sandwich @ Lori’s Diner San Francisco

Even diner food has avocados in California, so why not put it in your triple meat sandwich at this old school diner on Union Square in San Francisco. This sandwich has everything we love and weird going for it. The tone of different kinds of meats, check. Strange croissant bread, check. One of those things would make us order it, but two together can be a party. I love the meaty goodness of thick ham, lean turkey, and crunchy bacon. It’s California, so, of course, it comes with Avocado. It’s a staple diet. Is that why everyone so happy here? Not to forget the sweet croissant bread that was very soft and light. It comes with a side of some very yummy fries that you can easily enjoy without any ketchup. Now let’s play some jukebox music!