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Coconut Cake

You don’t order two cakes and not eat both of them, like this not too sweet Coconut Cake from Susie Cakes in San Carlos, the suburbs of San Francisco. Buying just one cake from a cake shop is wrong. You really should get two or more, especially when the decision is so hard. For our first choice, we went with a light and not too sweet Coconut Cake. So light and fluffy, this was a perfect light cake. One of those dishes you want to enjoy in small slow bites and savor every bit of it. So good, you can’t eat it all at once. Perfect for satisfying that cake craving without being too sweet. Great price also for just $7 you get a whole lot of cake goodness. The cake shop has a fantastic interior with an old-school kind of feel mixed with some simplistic modern design that just made me fall in love with everything. Plus super friendly staff that was happy to recommend us how to put on extra pounds with their cakes.

Chocolate Cake $7

A thick piece of chocolate cake is the best diet, especially when it’s super-rich Chocolate Cake from Susie Cakes Shop in San Carlos, a San Francisco suburb. There is nothing food about this monstrosity of chocolate cake. Look that all that thick icing. It’s the chocolate cake sweetness in all the glory! This is the kind of cake that will make you one thrilled foodie and a slightly more massive foodie. It’s not just one, but a six-layer cake! So rich and sweet that you might want to share it with a friend or two. Or be like us and eat the whole piece of cake by yourself! It’s worth all the extra pounds. You know what they say, once you go to the cake, you can’t move! Now go and get some cake, you look too thin, girl. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp
649 Laurel St San Carlos, CA 94070