Chicken Crisp $12 @ Rangoon Ruby San Francisco

Burmese Lunch in San Carlos @ Rangoon Ruby in San Francisco California

Samosas $10

I am diving into Burmese deep-fried vegetarian appetizers with some Samosas for lunch from a Burmese restaurant in San Carlos, a San Francisco foodie suburb. Its four big deep-fried rice turnovers filled with a whole lot of vegetables like potatoes, red onions, peas, and carrots. It defiantly tastes potatoey, like very, very potatoey with some spice. It comes with a unique ten spice blend, but not sure if we feel it or just the potatoes. What gives this dish excitement is the unique house sauce. It will add that very needed moisture, so it doesn’t taste as dry and some extra flavor. Big and heavy, careful they might fill you up before the main course. Make sure to slip these with a friend or a few, so you have enough room to enjoy some food Burmese food.

Salt & Pepper Calamari $11

Little loud circles of crispy calamari appetizers with some Samosas for lunch from a Burmese restaurant in San Carlos, a San Francisco foodie suburb. Just something about crispy food texture that is always better than the standard stuff. Great starter dish for your Burmese nomnom adventure. Very light and crispy, it will tie you over until the main course arrives. Loud noise with every bite from all that crispiness, yet you won’t feel heavy from eating too many breadcrumbs. It’s also a straightforward dish, with not too much going on, but that is probably what makes it great.

Chicken Crisp $12

Good Burmese chicken is even better, especially in all that chili sauce from a Burmese restaurant in San Carlos, a San Francisco foodie suburb. Chicken is a great meat, and they made it even better. Crispy chicken deep fried and tossed with garlic, ginger, and chili sauce. It’s all about the ginger and chili sauce combination that makes this dish so good. It doesn’t taste heavy or overpowering, even though it was deep-fried and drenched in so much sauce. One of those dishes you might slow down and chew slowly to savor every single bite. It does have a bit of a kick to it, so make sure to enjoy it with some rice and refreshing iced tea. It is served with a beautiful bowl of very soft sticky rice. It also comes with a few broccoli, but we all know that we don’t care about that and want more chicken in chili sauce. An excellent dish that you should defiantly try.

Mango Chicken W Coconut Rice

We are going all mango over mango with Mango Chicken from Rangoon Ruby, a Burmese restaurant in San Carlos, San Francisco hot lunch suburb. Mango is probably one of our favorite fruits, especially when combined with other nomnom things like Chicken. Sweet mango with super soft and tender chicken made for a perfect flavor combination. Such two opposite things created one great dish that would satisfy any hungry nomster. A very soft and light meal that won’t make you fall into food, come for the rest of the day. It’s one of those dishes that taste great and also make you feel healthy and great afterwords. It might have been the mango purer, but it didn’t taste like they drench the whole thing in sauce and instead let the full flavor of chicken shine. Served with your choice of rice and we went with something new, a Coconut Rice. It has a subtle light hint of coconut that complimented the sweet mango and chicken flavors. No wonder this came so highly recommended by our Bay area nomster fans.