Scion Wagyu Burger $12 @ Scion Down Town Silver Spring

Burger Tuesday Happy Hour, High Quality Meaty Goodness @ Scion (CLOSED)

Fried Pickles Appertizer

I’m so picky about what pickles go in my mouth, and these are just the right kind as an appetizer from Scion in Down Town Silver Spring. Crunchy on the outside and pickle goodness on the inside. Comes served with an excellent order of ranch. You know things are always better with raaaanch. It’s less of a chip and more of a wet kind of fried pickles. Not overly too breaded, so you can still taste all the flavors and not just the dough. It’s not a small order. There is enough for several people to share and then some. One of our favorite side orders here, we’ll order more even if the dish already includes fried pickles. It helps that you get a lot for just $6, so great to share with friends. You got to try this uncommon dish.

Wagyu Beef Burger

This hungry nomster is super excited to try a Wagyu Beef Burger from a new Scion Restaurant location in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city-like suburb. Wagyu, which literally means Japanese cow, is one of the most desired cows with that extra fatty goodness that makes it taste good. First, bite in, and you can really taste how juicy and succulent the burger is. Topped with large sautéed onions, gooey smoked mozzarella, and one of the things ever FRIED PICKLES! Good thing you can order fried pickle as an appetizer. Plus, it comes with peach ketchup, but sadly, we couldn’t really taste it with all that beef goodness. Next time got to order extra on the side. Served with a nice portion of crunch fries that pass our no sauce test. What surprising is how cheap this burger is. Usually, Wagyu beef burgers cost a lot more. Our new favorite place and favorite burgers in the area!

Grilled Apple Brie Burger

Sample happy hour menu with half-off burgers with Grilled Apple Brie Burger from Scion, an American innovating restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city like a suburb on the red line. Every Tuesday, this place becomes a burger happy place with half of all their burgers. This Tuesday, they just happen to be serving a brie burger, so we just had to jump at the chance to try it. Normally their burgers cost about $12 so getting one for $6 is a great deal. Ah, look at that giant slab of brie. You can taste it in every bite. The grilled apple adds a nice, sweet flavor, which is a great combination of a juicy beef patty and gooey cheese. Not just a good flavor combination, but also a great texture combination. Apple slice was a bit small and made us wish there was more, so the sweet flavor was more prominent. Make sure not to forget to order a side of their great and crunchy fries. It was a special burger of the day, so hopefully, it will soon be back on the menu. / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp Silver Spring
1200 East West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910