Big Daddy Bacon Burger $8 @ Burger Tap & Shake Foggy Bottom

Burger Tap & Shake at Foggy Bottom

Big Daddy Bacon Burger $8

You know you like big daddy, especially when it’s a Big Daddy Bacon Burger from a fun burger joint in Foggy Bottom, DC’s neighborhood. Well, hello sexy daddy, you sure have a very thick piece of bacon! This was one excellent burger we ordered based on a recommendation from Burger Days Blog. Bacon was so thick and flavorful that we could really taste it in every bite. We are size queens when it comes to food, so no wonder this thick bacon made us so happy. Blue cheese and we have a love-hate relationship and mostly hate, but somehow it works perfectly in this burger. It might have opened our eyes to a whole new world of burgers and blue cheese. The buns were weird, looked, and tasted more like dinner rolls, which is not bad, and added a nice light flavor. They served the main role so well, holding all that goodness together for a bite. Defiantly one of those DC burger places you must check out. You can never say no to your daddy.

Onion Rings $3

Time to get a ring. It was weird because they did not taste like your normal onion rings. Normally you would expect something like this to be the same everywhere. They were lighter, and I felt like there was less deep frying. Felt a bit dry, but not really a bad thing.