Bulgogi from Honey Pig

@ Honey Pig

Sliced Pork Belly

I think I’m in meat-lover heaven. Get ready to eat anything and everything meat you can think of grilled right in front of you. We started with a nice order of sliced pork belly. It started to smell so good as it was prepared right there. The pork was so soft and flavorful, covered in a yummy sauce. Comes with nomnom dipping sauce, standard Korean sides, and lettuce. It is so fun making a lettuce wrap with kimchi and yummy sauce. Want more grilled goodness? Just put your rice on the grill to soak up all the meat sauciness. This place is pretty loud, and it’s kind of like been in one amazing karaoke. I really think they are missing out on not having a karaoke machine. If you love meat, then this is a must-try dish.


Once you go bulgogi, you can’t go back. If you go to a Korean BBQ, you can’t pass by ordering some nomnom marinated beef. Like all the other meaty orders, this comes with dipping sauce, banchan (standard Korean sides), and lettuce. Adding some grilled rice, kimchi, marinated potatoes, and dipping sauce. Makes one very yummy bite-size wrap. I thought the meat was a bit dry, but we might have just left it on the grill for a bit too long. Just add more of that yummy sauce, and it’s all good.