Secret Breakfast Ice Cream @ Humphry Slocombe San Francisco

Bourbon Ice Cream @ Humphry Slocombe San Francisco

The first day and first dessert to uncover ice cream secrets from the world-famous Humphry Slocombe in Pier 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco. We couldn’t pass up trying something as weird as Secret Breakfast Bourbon and Cornflakes flavor. Now that’s a mouthful, both in name and character. First, spoon taste, and suddenly the world disappears, and all is left is you and this luscious ice cream. Yea, we used a fancy word like that to describe it! I love that we still get a cone even if we ordered it in a cup. I used that cone as a spoon, or as I say soon (trademark it!). It made me so sad when it was gone that I thought about ordering more or maybe a bucket to go. I could eat it for every meal. Nah, let’s replace all our meals with it. It’s so sweet and refreshing, made for a perfect dessert to enjoy outside while looking at the bay. No wonder this place came so highly recommended and was featured in GQ, Wired, O Magazine, and so many more. This made for a tremendous first dessert of our trip. Humphry Slocombe set the bar is so high now that anything after might not be impressive enough.