Large Chocolate Macarons from Paul-Bakery & Cafe

Biggest Croque Madame and Macarons in Town @ Paul Bakery

Quiche Lorraine $5

Why travel to France when you can eat Quiche Lorraine in the heart of Georgetown, DC’s leading fashion and shopping neighborhood. In the words of Agnes from Despicable Me, IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!! So soft and fluffy it’s like eating a cloud. Comes packed with some nomnom goodies like bacon and ham, swiss cheese, and savory custard in a flaky pastry shell. Mhhhh big fan of all that meaty goodness. You can taste the ham more than bacon. It is served with a side of green salad — forks down one of our favorite dishes here.

Croque Madame $13

Girls over boys when it comes to putting an egg on your Croque Madame sandwich in one of the fancy bakeries in Georgetown, DC neighborhood. Well, if you want a runny egg on top, then we are going Madame. We couldn’t pass by and not try their famous Croque Monsieur sandwich. It’s a thick layer of ham goodness with a ton of swiss cheese and balsamic mixture. All these yummy things come on crunchy sourdough bread drenched in even thicker cheesy goodness. Make sure to break the yolk, so it’s everywhere! It’s like a cheese explosion in there! It’s defiantly a fork and a knife kind of sandwich. Served with a side of a bit too simple salad, but you will need some greens after eating all that. Excellent sandwich noming that you should try. Would you like it with or without an egg?

Macarons (5/5 NOMs)>
Bigger is always better when you are a dessert size queen, like when trying Large Chocolate Macarons from Paul Bakery, one of the top dessert bakeries in Georgetown, DC. Wow, I thought we’d had macarons before, but after we tried this. The taste and texture are so superior to anything we’ve tried before. Nice thing crust on the outside and super chocolaty gooey on the inside. It was like a chocolate explosion in our mouth. These are some vast macarons, and the excellent idea is to share with a friend so you can have several different flavors. We might just be ruined for any other macarons. While it’s a pretty pricy dessert for $6, the quality might make you not think twice about ordering. I can’t wait to come back and try a few more, or maybe all of them.