Fetish Mix Drink $13 @ Co Co Sala in Penn Quarter DC

Best Chocolate & Bacon Date Night Spot in DC @ Co Co Sala (CLOSED)

Fetish Cocktail (5/5 NOMs)

Satisfy all your date’s hidden desires with a sexy Fetish Cocktail from Co Co Sala, our favorite date night dessert restaurant in Penn Quarter, DC’s nightlife neighborhood. Once again, we are at one of our most favorite restaurants on a date. A nice drink like this is the best way to start your date night, especially when it has such a naughty name. Not just a fun name, but also one of the best drinks we’ve ever had. With a first sip, you can taste the perfectly crafted mix drink that might outshine your date. So sweet and smooth it was more like enjoying a nice dessert rather than a cocktail. The strawberry sweetness combined with a nice amount of alcohol might give you a buzz. I love the bold red and chocolate-covered strawberry. After all, at this place, everything must have chocolate. It tastes so good that you might want to order a few of them, so make sure to have a ride home. Careful it tastes so good that you might want to order a few of them, so make sure to have a ride home—great price, too, in DC. Most drinks range close to $10 to $13 for such dessert cocktails is a great price. This drink is proof that Co Co Sala is not just a master of desserts but also a creator of some of the best-mixed drinks in town.

Beef Sliders

Small things come with big flavors when it’s the Beef Sliders appetizer from Co Co Sala, DC’s perfect late-night date spot in Penn Quarter. Oh, so tiny slide! It may be small, but it packs a flavor punch. It was a total surprise but an excellent one. One of those dishes you must eat slowly to savor every single bite. The meat patty was so tender and flavorful prepared to a perfect medium. Not too red and not too dry, just the right temperature. Pickle and the red sauce complimented the beef patty on making these great Beef Sliders. There are not many them there, so go slow there, hungry nomster: one bite in, and it’s all gone, just one Boris bite. The only drawback is just how small they are, but a good thing we can always order more. Maybe you should!

Vanilla Sorbet Dessert for Dinner (5/5 NOMs)

Dive into a cloud dessert Vanilla Sorbet Dessert from our favorite date night spot, Co Co Sala restaurant in Penn Quarter, DC’s late-night neighborhood. This is one of our most favorite restaurants in the DC area and also our favorite date spot. As part of a fun dessert dinner special, we were excited to try this little ball of dessert goodness. First, bite in, and you are just blown away by how soft and light it is. This sorbet is literary, like eating a tiny ball of a cloud. Great way to add some refreshment into your mouth with this light texture cold dessert. A perfect little bite to enjoy before an even bigger dessert is on its way. Not too sweet, and yet with so much flavor and texture, it was a perfect dessert to enjoy with some of their fantastic mix drinks. Plus, when you have a five-course dessert for dinner, you want something light like this sorbet. Too small to order by itself, so really, it should be part of your array of desserts.

Mac n Cheese with Chocolate Bacon

Go fancy on your date with Chocolate Covered Bacon Mac n Cheese from the most romantic chocolate bar Co Co-Sala in Penn Quarter, DC’s diverse food neighborhood. This is one of our most favorite date spots in the city. Mac n Cheese is not exactly the fanciest dish, but they know how to give it an upgrade with high-quality cheese, bacon, and of course, chocolate. After all, we are in the chocolate bar. It comes with chocolate-covered bacon!!! Don’t let the small size fool you, and it’s one of the most creamy cheesy Mac n Cheese out there. It will fill you up! After finishing one, I really thought about ordering another one or two more. It turns out my friend was thinking the same thing! Hungry nomsters think alike. You can’t come to Co Co Sala and not order this amazing dish, plus it only cost $6. Go and order it right now!

Creole Crab Cake $10

Could you bring me a dozen more? Aww, they are so cute and pretty! Oh, yea, you know it’s fun when there is chocolate in the most unexpected dish, like your crab cake. They do like chocolate here and, of course, added some very nomnom chipotle chocolate tomato glaze. Got to make sure to have all the sauces and avocado for every bite with crunchiness. I love the soft and flavorful crab cake with a nice light hint of chocolate from chipotle chocolate tomato glaze. Simply a fantastic dish to make any Bay Crab fan a happy nomster. They are tiny but very filling! Great order. You just have to try.

Manchego & Baby Arugula Salad

A healthy start for crazy desserts is with Manchego & Baby Arugula Salad from Co Co Sala, one of the best date hot spots in the Penn Quarter, DC neighborhood. Let’s start with greens. I love salads that mix vegetables and fruits. It brings together two perfect things about eating healthy! Try not to eat it too fast and enjoy the perfect mixture of baby arugula, apple, and oranges. Nice and lightly sweet flavor topped with coffee vinaigrette. I was glad there was not too much vinaigrette as some places tend to overdo it and rely on the dressing to make salad’s flavor. They let the good ingredient choices make up the salad. Size-wise this was not bad, and I was glad more food was on the way as part of the Restaurant Week dinner course. I will have to come back and try this nomnom salad again.

Chocolate Onyx Dessert $12

End your night with the best dessert on the town Chocolate Onyx from Co Co Sala, the perfect late-night date spot in Penn Quarter DC. Dark chocolate mousse so fluffy I thought I might flow away among the clouds of sweetness. CoCo Sala is known for its amazing desserts from an award-winning chef. I just can’t get over how fluffy and light this dessert taste with every spoon. Perfect combinations of brownie, salted caramel, crispy chocolate pearls, and cinnamon toffee. The salted caramel on top kind of confused my taste buds a bit with a salted and sweet mix. Different kind of take on vanilla Crème Brule as a string that went perfectly with chocolate sorbet. I might drool all over my keyboard while writing about this. This is one of the best desserts in Washington DC, and you must try it. Make sure to bring your date as this is our top date spot.

They showed us some love and gave us this dessert as a gift. That’s the best kind of love. The manager came out and said hi to us and said they love my reviews of their dishes.

Aztec $14

We are traveling across the world. It’s all about unique and strange desserts here. So we couldn’t pass up a chance to try hot chocolate souffle with fiery chocolate! FIERY! Yeap, nice and spicy chocolate. Take a bite of hot souffle, with nomnom cold expresso gelato, and finish off with Kahlua soother. Good mix of hotness and coolness. If you like hot and spicy chocolate, then you got to try this dessert.

Amuse Dark Chocolat Dessert Sip

Let’s do some shots of dessert for dinner with Amuse Dark Chocolate Sip from masters of desserts in Co Co Sala restaurant in Penn Quarter, DC’s nightlife neighborhood. We are doing shots, chocolate shots! Now that’s a way to start our noming in the world Co Co Sala with their award-winning chef featured on Food Network. It’s chocolate goodness in every sip! I love those dark chocolate flakes on top. Made for a nice crunchy smooth drink. Not too sweet, so after several rounds, you won’t feel like you consumed a giant piece of cake. Now, this is the kind of a shot we can do all night long. Another round!


Little bits of choco-noming. I think they were trying to kill us! We can barely move, think or even stay awake after an amazing dinner, and they go ahead and bring this out. We were just so outraged that we ate them up! It’s an assortment of different chocolates. Each tastes completely different from the rest, with unique chocolate goodness, caramel, and so much more. So hard to tell which one we liked more, just so good. A perfect way to try different things they have to offer at this amazing Chocolate Bar.