Slow Cooked Pork Ribs from Bar Gitano San Juan Puerto Rico

Bar Food Unlike Other @ Bar Gitano San Juan

Slow Cooked Pork Ribs $12

Finger licking good when you try some local Pork Ribs in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Slow-cooked pork ribs with Gitano’s exclusive BBQ. With the first bite, you can taste fantastic flavor as crazy tender meat falls off the bone. Almost unprecedented how tender the meat is. I wonder how long they cooked it to achieve this. Like all good ribs, this will be a very messy affair. Make sure to have lots of napkins on the read to clean up. Though like any good BBQ, you should lick your fingers first. This is no small plate, that is a lot of ribs even for two people to spit. The actual dish name is Costillas de Cerdo.

Croquetas del Dia $6

The balls of fury! Holy balls of croquetas are one of the most nomnom dishes from our trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Crunchy outside filled with gooey cheesy goodness on the inside. Makes for a perfect meal after a day at the beach and prepares you for some drinks. Any fried food lover will moan with joy biting into each. It is served with a nice cheesy sauce to bring out extra nomnom. Make sure to dip for extra cheesiness. Whole new meaning to fried food. This is a must-try dish during your trip. (weird web address)