Bananas Foster French Toast $10 @ Khyber Pass Pub in Philadelphia

A pub with a must try breakfast @ Khyber Pass Pub in Philadelphia

Praline Bacon $5 (5/5 NOMs)

The perfect side order to any dish is the sweet and nutty Praline Bacon from Khyber Pass Pub, the oldest bar with French cuisine in Old Town Philadelphia. So let’s start by asking, what is Praline? Praline is a dessert combination containing at minimum nuts and sugar. What a great way to nibble on and not go too hungry while waiting for the rest of your Sunday brunch. A nice and crispy piece of bacon caramelized with sugar and topped with a whole lot of nuts. We all know how much we love putting nuts in our mouths ;). Even with all those toppings, the bacon remains the start with a lot of flavors.

Bananas Foster French Toast $10 (5/5 NOMs)

Unlike any breakfast out, Bananas Foster French Toast from Khyber Pass Pub is one of the oldest bars with French cuisine in Old Town Philadelphia. It was more like eating large slices of very soft Baguette Bread than the thin square slices we are so used to these days. Even with such a large slice, they were very soft and light, though, with all the extra things on top, it was less than light. Whoever created this dish sure loves the syrup and wants to give everyone a sugar overdo. The whole dish was drenched in a crazy amount of it with bananas and powder sugar. So much syrup that there was enough to add into our coffee for that extra morning sweetness. Even with all that sugary sweetness, it was a good dish to enjoy with a few friends. It’s so large and heavy that you should really share it with a friend or two to avoid a sugar coma. It would defiantly power up your day and help explore the rest of the city.

Get sugar high on Sunday brunch travels with Beignets from Khyber Pass Pub, the oldest bar with French cuisine in Old Town Philadelphia. A pub with a French cuisine flare is not something you find every day. Especially that serves some pretty good Beignets for dessert. They are so soft and light that they make a perfect final dish. They don’t just want you to leave satisfied, but also high on a whole lot of powdered sugar on top. Such a high-quality dessert that you would think you were ordering it from an upscale French restaurant, but no, this is a bar-restaurant in Philly.