Banana Milkshake @ AG Kitchen in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryand

Alex Garcia Brings New Restaurant AG Kitchen to Downtown Silver Spring (CLOSED)

Hunter’s Omelette $15 (3/5 NOMs)

Go on a brunch hunt with Hunter’s Omelette from AG Kitchen by Chef Alex Garcia, the new Latin, Cuban, and New American fusion restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC suburb. Very excited to try out this brand new restaurant in the heart of town. We are a big fan of anything and everything eggs and meat, so this order sounded perfect. Please talk about the meatness, and it’s almost nothing but meat in there with Canadian Ham, Bacon, and Chorizo. So much crunchy bacon in every bite! Loving all the meat, especially when we are so hungry in the morning and need our protein. You can almost call this a meat dish rather than an egg dish. Eventually, we found some eggs, and they were very nice and fluffy eggs with tomatoes, onions, and queso fresco. However, the flavor got completely overpowered by the meat. It was not exactly a bad thing and an enjoyable dish, but it felt more of scrambled eggs than an omelet. Served with a fluffy thick toast and a side salad. What about you, do you prefer scrambled eggs or an omelet?

Banana Milkshake (4/5 NOMs)

Go all bananas for some dessert with Banana Milkshake from the new AG Kitchen by Chef Alex Garcia, a Latin Cuban fusion restaurant in the heart of Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s suburb on Red Line. We sure are a big fan of bananas, so a banana milkshake sounds like a good dessert. Since bananas are not overly sweet, this milkshake was very light yet very thick—a good amount of bananas and vanilla ice cream. However, you can’t taste ice cream as much in all that thickness. It will take some effort sucking it up, but we no strangers to extra sucking ;). If you are a fan of light and not overly sweet dessert, then this might be an ideal milkshake for you. Though we are more fun of sweet shakes and kind of wish, it had a bit more sweetness to it. Half the fun of ordering the desserts is the crazy menu itself. Check out our video below of the menu.

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