Bacon Honey Pizza $15 @ Lia's by Chef Geoff in Friendship Heights

Bacon Wednesday is a Must Lia’s Restaurant by Chef Geoff

Bacon Honey Pizza $15

Honey, honey. Bacon, bacon. Now, this is a song you want to sing while enjoying Bacon Wednesday with Bacon Honey Pizza $15 from Lia’s Chef Geoff in Friendship Heights, DC’s upscale shopping neighborhood. Every Wednesday is bacon day in most Chef Geoff restaurants in the DC area, so we just had to make every order to include some. The delightful and savory flavor combination in every bike. At first, you are tasting and enjoying crispy candied bacon, and suddenly bang, you get hit with delicious honey flavors and nomnom heaven. It was hard to stop eating, and I ended up eating way too much — ah, poor tummy, and yet so happy. The crust was not too thick, which helped us eat even more of this. A lot of cheese on this white pizza worked so well with all the light flavors without overpowering anything. It is an excellent personal pizza that is not too big but large enough to share with a friend or special someone. Sharing is the best choice so you can order more unique dishes.

I was on a date here, and of course, it’s a sharing moment, though I got to say I enjoyed this pizza far more than my date. Some things are just sweeter than others. NOM NOM! So go ahead and order upon a lousy time, so it will make you feel better.

Smokin’ Hog Sidecar $10

Is it smoking? Every Wednesday is bacon day, so we just had to make every order baconwesome. I’m all about trying something weird. Pus if it’s bacony, then I have to order it. I thought it was adorable that lemon skin was made to look like a pig’s tail. Not sure if it was such a good idea now. It was very smoky, but not sure I want my drink to be like that. Not something I will try again.

Salmon Cakes $14

Crab cakes are usually all the rave in this area, but this time it’s all about the salmon cakes. Every Wednesday is bacon day, so we just had to make every order baconwesome. First time trying something like this. Looks extremely pretty and almost sad to disturb the presentation. I’m glad we did, it tasted very nomnom. Of course, salmon cakes were not the only good thing in there. Great salad mix with anchovy and saffron aioli. Went perfect with every bite of salmon cakes. A great light dish that I will order again.

Classic Tiramisu $8

It was great to finish our lunch with a very soft and light dessert like this. It was not layered like most another tiramisu I’ve had in the past. Instead, the whipped mixture is on the sides rather than layers. I thought it could have been a bit sweeter, but sorbet ice cream made up for it. Every Wednesday is bacon day, so we just had to make every order baconwesome.

Tempura Espresso Cured Bacon $10

Oh, yea, deep fry it, baby. Every Wednesday is bacon day, so we just had to make every order baconwesome. So if you have a bacon-centered thing, I will be there. We started with some strange bacon appetizers. This bacon that was dip fried goes great with the sweet and sour sauce. A negative point for too much deep fry dough that it overpowered the bacon a bit. The sauce had a great sweet syrupy flavor. I totally double dipped a few times. I will order this again!