Mac n Cheese from Chef-Geoff

You had Me at Bacon Mac n Cheese @ Chef Geoff’s in Cathedral Heights

Gouda Stuffed Risotto Balls $10

Start with some might cheesy balls. Nothing can beat the nomnom goodness of deep-fried breaded cheese balls. We might be saying balls a lot in this review. I love the crispy crunch shell with nice soft bread and gooey cheesiness on the inside. These are heavy balls, and I was full just from eating two of them. Great for two or large groups to split. Not on the cheap side, but so worth it. This is a must-try appetizer for sure.

Bacon Mac n Cheese

It’s all about that cheese when it comes to Bacon Mac n Cheese from Chef Geoff’s restaurant in Cathedral Heights, DC neighborhood with National Cathedral. Insert all that cheese into my veins! They know a way into my foodie’s heart, aka tummy. Combine my two fav things, bacon and Mac n Cheese, and you might make me make nomnom noises. This is what we might call the king of all cheese. Many places put so much cheese that it just tastes geeky oily, but not this one. It’s a perfect balance of the crazy amount of cheddar & blue cheese with bacon, spinach, and brioche crumbles. The waiter will offer you two sizes, small and full. Trust me and go with small!!!! I wish I did because it’s so good you will not be able to stop and try to eat the whole thing. I almost did, but lost and then had not just a food coma, but food amnesia. Not the cheapest dish with a $19 price tag, but honestly, it’s all worth it! Half of the small would have been enough. I’ll be back for more!