Truffled Mac n Cheese Pizza $17 @ Mad Fox Brewing Falls Church

Bacon Heaven with Crazy NOMs @ Mad Fox Brewing Falls Church

Truffled Mac n Cheese Pizza $17

Get your mind and taste buds blown away with Truffled Mac n Cheese Pizza from the masters of brewing at Mad Fox Brewing, DC’s Virginia suburb. HOLY Mac n Cheeseeee this is fantastic pizza! It combines three of our most favorite things, Mac n Cheese, Bacon, and pizza. That is one crazy world we have here, and Mad Fox shapes it with their crazy dishes. As soon as I saw it on the menu, I knew we got to order it. Comes on a thin crunchy crust. You got to stop by and try this incredible dish ever. Did I mention it has Mac n Cheese and bacon?!

Bacon Jam Burger $14

Jam it up with a Bacon Jam Burger from the master of beer and burgers from an amazing beer brewery in Falls Church, DC’s suburb. They did what with my bacon? BACON JAM! Yea but a bacon jam on my burger. How many places make their own jam with bacon? They know how to make their bacon nomnoms. The first bite in your mouth will explode from bacon jam. I love the thick burger patty. Perfect for all those meat size queens who love putting large things in their mouths. With so much flavor going on there, a combination of sweet and savory this is truly a burger masterpiece just waiting to be eaten.

Onion Rings

Larger than my face. Those are some big onion rings! I love their supersize. Just one of them filled me up, and I said, “I’m full.” It comes with a great dipping sauce that I asked for more and dipped my burger and pizza into. Oh, yea! The only bad thing, it tasted more like dough than onions. I still think you should try.