Haemul Pajeon from Hwa Gae Jang Tuh

Authentic and deliciouse Korean Restaurant, Hwa Gae Jang Tuh

Haemul PaJeon

It’s pancake time. A must-order appetizer for your Korean noming. It’s a strange mixture that just tastes amazing. It is a big starter, enough to fill you up completely. It might not leave room for anything else you ordered, so make sure to split it with few friends.

Gun Mandoo Dumplings

All your dumplings belong in my mouth. These are some pretty good fried dumplings. I like that it wasn’t just one meat mix and had pork and beef with veggies. Of course, it’s always hard not to eat them too fast and burn your tongue.

Joomulluck $27

Prime of rib. Glad we found a new Korean BBQ in our area where your meat is prepared right in front of you. OH, BEEFY GOODNESS, this was great boneless prime rib. It went great with Hanjeongsik side dish plates all Korean restaurants bring out. It was so good that we might have ordered another round of this nomnom goodness.


How to drink out of this cup? WOW, this is of the drink! The very sweet and refreshing drink they served after our very extensive lunching. This drink is served to accelerating the function of digestion with lots of fiber (source Wikipedia). I’m in to drink anything that will help me eat more nomnoms and still keep my girlish figure! I couldn’t find it on the menu, so I think it’s their default after food items served to everyone.

2104 Veirs Mill Rd, Rockville, MD 20851