Piedmontese All Natural Bone In Strip-Steak from Seasons 52

Another Week, Another Menu At Seasons 52 Rockville

Piedmontese Strip Steak $29

It’s bone-in tee hee. My besties took me here for my birthday steak dinner for a unique dining experience in North Bethesda, DC suburb. This place is all about the season and limited-time menu. Now that’s a nice piece of meat goodness, a whole 11oz of it. Whaa, this only has 400 calories? Hard to believe as I had trouble finishing it. A big piece of steak, asparagus, and roasted potatoes. Now that’s a dinner dish! Perfectly medium prepared steak, not too dry and not too rare, just little pink throughout. I love the mushrooms and sauce on top. Made a great flavor addition with every bite of this nomnom steak.

Lump Crab, Roasted Shrimp & Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms $10

It’s a lot of stuff inside other stuff with stuff. My besties took me here for my birthday dinner. For such a small thing, a lot is going on! I like the shrimp and crab mix with huge mushrooms. I really liked this dish, but I think it’s too small. This is not Boris’s size plate place, and I just got to remember that. I can probably finish about 5 orders of these, and it would be heavenly.

Steak & Cremini Mushroom Flatbread $9

My besties took me here for my birthday dinner. They are well known for their flatbreads, and small healthy portion sizes with under 400 calories. An excellent way to start a goodie adventure is with this super light and flavorful, crunchy flatbread. I couldn’t really taste blue cheese much as bread and steak took over most of the flavor, but it wasn’t a big loss and still tasted great. Not a very small plate of flatbread, far from it. I recommend trying this or other of their flatbreads.

Belgian Chocolate Rocky Road $3

Little things with a big taste. They have an amazing selection of little desert pops! So hard to pick out of so many choices. Oh wow, this is the multi-layer of super nomnoms. A little bit of joy, can’t wait to try more of their deserts.