Crispy Pork Binagoongan from Amorita Resort Bohol Philippines

Amorita Resort A Resort With Top Notch Restaurant in Bohol Philippines


Crispy Pork Binagoongan

Filipinos sure know their pork, especially when it’s Crispy Pork Binagoongan from Amorita Resort, a beautiful resort on Bohol beach in the Philippines. It’s not just a pretty face! Sweet mango goodness on top and crispy porkiness on the bottom. Pork is sauteed in bagoong fermented fish sauce, salt, and garlic. It’s an interesting flavor combination of saltiness, sourness, and sweetness that might surprise you. Really unlike anything we’ve tasted before and could not get enough of it. We were a bit sad eating it because it is just so beautiful. We love combining the meat and fruits, two flavors so different, and yet go together so well. Eating at this fabulous resort, you get to try some Filipino food elevated to the next level.

Big Daddy’s Burger $11

Who would have guessed Filipinos are masters of burgers, especially when it’s named Big Daddy’s Burger from Amorita Resort, a restaurant on the beach in Bohol Philippines. I was starving and craving something very massively greasy meaty. That is a whole lot of burger goodness here for $11 (475 Pesos). This thing has everything a perfect burger requires: thick bacon, onion rings, and eggs. It comes with cheese fondue, CHEESE FONDUE!! I had trouble opening my mouth to fit this monstrosity in. Meat flavor was completely different from what we used to in the states. Amazing, a burger that made me very happy.

Crab Cake $9

By the power of Crabskul, Filipinos mean Crab Cake at Amorita Resort, a restaurant on the beach in Bohol, Philippines. Nothing beats seafood noming that would make any Maryland crab fan very happy. Fresh blue crab topped with saffron aioli and pieces of mango. You can beat that flavor combination. Greta mix of sweet mango and sweet crab meat for just $9 (385 Pesos). The crab cake had this extra flavor and softness, probably because it wasn’t frozen for weeks. YAY for fresh seafood. Excellent dish after laying on the beach the whole day.


It’s all about the crispy squid when it comes to a Calamari appetizer from Amorita Resort, a restaurant on the beach in Bohol, Philippines. They sure know how to prepare their seafood in Bohol, Philippines. This is a great way to start your noming adventure. Very fresh without that frozen taste that we would encounter in the states. Comes with a very yummy sauce mix with local spiced vinegar, chili-mango sour cream, and melted tarragon butter. Make sure to savor every bite with that sauce.

Amorita Club Sandwich $9

Unleash Ham Sandwich’s awesomeness, the Filipino style, with Amorita Club Sandwich from Amorita Resort, a restaurant on the beach in Bohol Philippines. In Bohol, a ham sandwich comes with thick pieces of BACON! A whole lot of sandwich goodness for $9 (375 Pesos). Bacon pork belly rules the world of bacon. Fell in love with how thick ham is topped with egg salad and cheddar cheese. A mix of all of this creates one of the best ham sandwiches in my book.

Buko Coconut Shake $4

One of our favorite things about Filipino food is the drink, especially the Buko Coconut Shake from Amorita Resort in Bohol, Philippines. Enjoy the nectar of the gods! Getting some refreshing drinks after a day at the beach in Bohol, Philippines. This was my most favorite drink from the trip. It was so coconut good. Very refreshing and light, I could drink several of these in one go for only $4 (179 Pesos). I believe my top number was 4 in one go. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Tripadvisor
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