Sizzling Pork Sisig $15 @ Patio Filipino San Francisco

All Our Filipino Mali Nom Nom Favorites @ Patio Filipino San Francisco

Sizzling Pork Sisig $15

Its juicy fatness is galore with this sizzling Filipino sisig dish from one of the best Filipino restaurants in San Bruno, a San Francisco suburb. Filipinos sure know how to make an excellent meat overload dish. It’s so pretty! As soon as they brought out this sizzling dish, I just had to look at it for a few seconds and enjoy its beauty. Only a few seconds, because we are here to eat! Sizzling Sisig is a Filipino dish made out of pig’s head parts and liver marinated in a sour liquid with spices. Not just sizzling in name, but sizzling flavor with a nice kick and super hot plate. It has this nice meaty sour and greasy goodness flavor with a kick from onions and jalapeño peppers. I love the crunchy texture, and it makes every bite so much more fun. Make it even better; they fried it with a whole lot of eggs. The egg always makes everything better. It has so much in it that I could eat it for every single meal of the day. Order extra, and it can be right! The service here is slow, but it’s so worth the wait.

Chicken Adobo $14

The world should be covered in adobo, especially with this Chicken Adobo dish from one of the best Filipino restaurants in San Bruno, a San Francisco suburb. You can’t just go to a Filipino restaurant and not order an Adobo dish. Some call this an official national dish of the Philippines, and for a good reason. It showcases everything awesome about that country. Hospitality, food, and more food! Chicken is so soft and juicy that it just falls off the bones. I still prefer boneless pieces for that extra softness. It has this great signature brown look from simmering in Adobe sauce for a while. All that long slow cooking gives it extra nomnom. Come extra hungry because this portion is so significant that even two people won’t eat it. Too big? No worries, it makes for a great leftover dish! Goes great with a side of their nomnom garlic rice. Adobe and rice make for a great hangover cure!

What is Adobo, you ask? Let’s unleash our google skills. And Adobo is a Filipino cooking process of marinating the meat, fish, or vegetables in a sauce mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and browned in oil.

Carne ala Cubana $16

It’s Filipino meat feast time for lunch from one of the best Filipino restaurants in San Bruno, San Francisco suburb. This dish is like meat mixed in with more meat and topped with even more meat. Its a ground beef and pork mixed in with raisins, garbanzos, potatoes, and lots more. Perfect for a hungry nomster after partying too much a day before. All the ingredients became a flavor mashed into one delicious meaty goodness. What called out to us is the giant fried egg on top — got to have all that eggy goodness all over my meat. It’s like having breakfast for lunch. Don’t try to eat the whole thing. With so much meat, it’s a hefty dish. Makes for a perfect leftover dish. The fried plantains were a bit harsh and bland, so I just ate everything around them. With a nice serving of rice, you don’t need any plantain. I got to say Filipino food like this makes for a great hangover cure!