Breakfast All Day Burger $8 @ BurgerFi in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland

All Days Breakfast Burger and More @ BurgerFi, Downtown Silver Spring

Crispy Onion Rings $6

Put a ring on your burger order with a side of giant Crispy Onion Rings from BurgerFi, a new burger joint in Down Town Silver Spring. No burger can go without some onion rings, and these are perfect nomnom. Order up these enormous larger-than-life rings. Some of them are as big as my head, and trust me, and one size does not fit all here. Crispy lightly breaded on the outside and soft on the inside. They didn’t taste oily at all, which made them even better. You get so much with your order that even a hungry nomster like me can barely finish. Make sure to bring a friend to share these goodies.

Breakfast All Day Burger $8

The only thing better than breakfast is a Breakfast All Day Burger from BurgerFi, a new burger joint in Down Town Silver Spring. Get ready to unhinge your jaw to bite into this tower of burger goodness. The burger can beat any breakfast place with a fantastic combination of American cheese, bacon, maple syrup, fried egg, grilled onions, and hash browns. Each bite will get you an explosion of flavors. Pretty much anything that is breakfast is packed inside. Bread buns were excellent, very light, and soft with a slightly sweet taste. Almost like there was a little bit of sugar spindled on top. You would think some flavors would get overpowered with so much going on, but no, with every bite, you could taste each yummy thing. One messy burger, each bite might result in dirty all over. You have to try it.