Fried Oysters from Fiesta Oyster Bake San Antonio Texas

All About Fried Foods at Fiesta Oyster Bake Event

Fried Oysters

What we here for? Deep-fried oysters, so let’s get some at the famous fair in San Antonio, Texas. It’s the oyster party!!! If you are in San Antonio during Fiesta celebrations, you must stop by and try these oysters. It was so good that my box was gone in seconds.

Corn Dog

Time for some fair food!! We got a chance to attend the popular Fiesta Oyster Bake event in San Antonio, Texas. Nice, very long corn dog in the deep-fried dough. I just love this fair food.

Deep Fried Cheesecake

When at the fair, deep fry it all! Excited to try deep-fried food at a famous fair in San Antonio, Texas. This was sooo good! I love everything deep fried and cheesecake, so you can never go wrong putting these two together. Perfect fair nomnom. It tasted very gooey soft on a more cheesy side.