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We pride ourselves on honest and uninfluenced reviews. Food, establishments, products, and services featured on this website and our social media accounts have been picked and paid for by us unless clearly stated with a disclaimer. We do not accept free food or other forms of compensation in return for favorable reviews. Occasionally we get treated to tastings, events, and/or trial services, which do not guarantee a positive review. Everything posted here are our opinions alone and do not represent any company or organization.

We will mark every sponsored review or related to some partnership with a clear disclaimer at the start of the post.

Disclaimer: this item/dish were provided by {NAME} for free

Information Purpose

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You Might Get Fat

We are not a nutritionist, chefs or food scientist, and scientific facts do not support any claim of healthy eating.

Why so few negative reviews?

When it comes to negative reviews, we follow a particular and simple policy. Only post a negative review if we’ve had that dish multiple times, and each time, it wasn’t good. This may change when the dish and experience were just so bad that all hope is lost.

The only rule you must follow is to enjoy food and yourself!


Last Updated March 13, 2021