Three Kinds Crispy Delight from Yan Fu Vegetarian

A tasty Chinese food paradise for meatlovers and vegetarians Yuan Fu


Vegetarian Roast Duck $7

There is no duck in this meatless vegetarian dish from one of the unique restaurants in Rockville, DC foodie suburb. Another mouthgasm dish from one of our most favorite places. We love our meat, but when it comes to this place, our hearts have been captured — little slices of duck, crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside. Texture and flavor were all very duck-like. If I didn’t know any better, I would say it’s the real meat and not some meat replacement. It is covered in a sweet BBQ sauce. The only thing is sure it tastes fantastic. It is a perfect way to start your noming dinner adventure at one of the best Vegan and Vegetarian places in the whole DC area.

Crispy Black Mushrooms $8

The perfect appetizer for all meat lovers out there is Crispy Black Mushrooms from Yuan Fu Vegetarian, one of the best meatless Chinese places in Rockville, DC’s lively suburb. Once you go mushroom, you can’t go back. Get ready for your taste buds to explode with joy. This is an appetizer unlike any you’ve tried before. Crispy black mushrooms coated in super nomnom sweet sauce. Our first nomnom at a 100% meat-less restaurant and can’t find a way to go back. The perfect appetizer to start your vegetarian foodie adventure.

Three Kinds Crispy Delight (5/5 NOMs)
Get your taste buds blown away with this Three Kinds Crispy Delight from one of the unique Vegetarian restaurants in Rockville, DC. We have discovered what we can only call heaven for all foodies out there. Perfect place for vegans and vegetarians but can just as much enjoyed by all meat lovers. It’s like having three different kinds of meats, but none of it is actually meat. Mushrooms are my favorite, followed by yummy eggplant and fake chicken, all glazed in a sweet sauce. Mhhh sweet sauce nomnom! Each crispy delight has a unique flavor, and you can really taste their love for all things meatless. Comes served with your choice of white or brown rice. The portion is so big that you might have trouble finishing, but don’t be surprised if you stuff yourself sick. It’s just so good, and you might not be able to stop. Price-wise it’s a great deal for only $13. This is by far our most favorite dish at this place—one of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in all of the DC metro area.

Chinese Sausage Fried Rice $10

Vegans love their sausages, especially fried rice, at this unique meatless Chinese restaurant in Rockville, DC suburb. Especially when it’s all fake, fake meat, if I didn’t know any better, I would say they fed us real sausage. It tastes so real it can stand with any other real beef. I think we just discovered a perfect lunch or dinner place for any vegan or vegetarian out there. While we enjoy our meaty goodness, we are always happy to try something new like this. Wow, were we blown away by this! Mixed with some mixed veggies, the soft and flavorful rice is prepared to satisfy any fried rice lover. For such a low price, you get a whole lot of fried rice. We can’t get enough of this amazing place full of different kinds of fake meats. Must try the site for any vegan, vegetarian, or anyone who enjoys working on something new and unique.

Duck Ginger Hot Pot

Getting some awesome meatless meat food in a hot pot at one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Rockville, DC foodie suburb. Hoooot pot! Oh, and it is hot, served scolding hot and still boiling. A mix of nice big mushrooms, sliced ginger, spinach, and other vegetables. Cooked in a very yummy light sauce. Comes with a choice of white or brown rice. Very soft and sliced thin pieces of duck tasted just like real meat. A pretty good amount of food for $13. This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the DC area, perfect for Vegan, Vegetarian, and even meat lovers out there.

Beef Mix Vegetables $12

We are exploring the fantastic world of fake meat at one of the best Vegetarian restaurants in Rockville, DC foodie suburb. I can’t believe it’s not real meat. It looks and tastes just like real meat. We love our meat, especially bacon, but sometimes it’s fun to try new and unique things. Hey, it’s almost the same thing when it tastes just like real meat. Though maybe more like chicken than beef. You are pretty much ordering a vegan sesame beef. Very light and soft, this is one very nomnom dish. It is served with a side of white or brown rice. I thought mixed vegetables means several different veggies, but it was pretty much all broccoli. It could have been ok if they were terrific, but they were just too bland. Just make sure to dip them in a sweet sesame sauce, and it’s all yummy all over. There is a cherry on top, which is kind of weird since it’s not ice cream or. An excellent strange dish that any Vegetarian, Vegan, or even meat lover will enjoy. / Facebook / Yelp
798 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852