Dr Ecker the Checker Sandwich from Roy's Place

A Place of 300 Sandwiches, Roy’s Place (CLOSED)

Dr Ecker the Checker Sandwich $14

Yes, bring me all your nom-sandwiches. It’s hard to pick one best sandwich when they are 220+ sandwiches on the menu. I just opened a page and randomly pointed. This time it got me an awesome #141 Honey Roasted Pork with Shrimp Salad. Oh wow, this was so good. Super nomnom! A great mix of honey roast pork, avocado, golden sauce, and more with everything on french toast. They make a great shrimp salad here, and so far, every sandwich with it is very nomnom. You must try this place, and if you haven’t been well, then you haven’t lived.

Raunchy Raymond

It’s all about the Raymond. Say hello to my new favorite sandwich, $95. This is a must-try place with over 200 different and unique sandwiches. Like all their sandwiches, they make sure to pack so much that it might just explode from been overloaded. Comes with ham, crab salad, Swiss cheese, bacon, tomato & golden sauce, all broiled on French bread. It’s so delicious, tender, and soft in your mouth.

The Dirty Tom Glen $12

Is it a crime to double it? I went to one of our most favorite places that have over 200 different sandwiches. There are so many crazy different options. It has committed a crime! By accidentally ordering the same sandwich #79 again from Roy’s Place. It is packed with all their meats like ham, hard salami, provolone, and chicken bosom on french bread topped with garlic mayonnaise. Oh, it tastes so good. It’s one giant mess of nomnom goodness.

Father’s Defeat

It’s time for #35. Let it be known that no one shall defeat this sandwich. Apparently, father likes sausages in his sandwiches. Like all sandwiches at this place, they pack a whole lot of nomnom things like three Italian pork sausages, broiled provolone cheese with fried onions, green peppers, and Rat sauce on French bread.

Dirty Tom Glen

You are dirty, dirty boy! It’s a #79 order at our favorite sandwich shop that has over 200 different sandwich orders. It comes with so much meat, which might have made us feel a bit dirty with ham, salami, and chicken bosom. Mhhh, love has been dirty.

The Jack The Jejune Sandwich

Jack, the giant slayer! Time for #65 at our favorite sandwich shop with over 200 different sandwiches. That thing is so big, not sure my mouth can handle it. Many are going on under that bread turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato & crab salad club. It comes with a special sauce barbara that combines sour cream, chili sauce, mayo, and horseradish. Not sure I like the bread. It had a bit too much flavor that tend to overpower other toppings. Very slappy order, so make sure to have many napkins ready.

Dracula Sandwich

Does it bite? Dracula does like his sausages. Going with #118 order from a menu with over 200 different and unique sandwiches. Got to try them all. Two giant polish sausages wrapped in bacon on white bread and some coleslaw. Get ready to unhinge your jaw to fit that thing in. It’s a skill not everyone might have. I only knew about bacon from the menu, and I got completely overpowered by everything else. Almost like it wasn’t even there. It could be the coleslaw, and it just tasted like it didn’t belong in there. Overall the flavor seemed to be missing something and was more on the bland side.