Hot Maryland Crab Dip from Farmers Fishers Bakers

A Perfect Dinner At Farmers Fishers Bakers

Is it hot in here, or it’s just me all excited for the best appetizer in town? Hot Maryland Crab Dip from Farmers Fishers Bakers in Georgetown DC’s fashion neighborhood. Happy to return to one of our most favorite foodie spots in town. Take some flatbread and dip it into this amazing gooey crab dip goodness. This is one of the most delicious appraisers we’ve ever tried. Flatbread is very light and great for just smothering it into the cheesiness of Maryland crab. I’m still drooling just thinking about it. It’s so good you might burn your mouth!!!! Yea, be careful it’s hot. Pretty heavy dish and we got full even when sharing with a friend—such a large serving for $12. You really can’t go wrong with it. Great way to start your foodie adventure. This is a must-order dish!!!

Ahi Tuna & Lemon Aioli $12

Upgrade your sandwich with a new American take on it with Ahi Tuna & Lemon Aioli lunch from Farmers Fishers Bakers, a local farm-to-table restaurant in Georgetown, DC’s fashion district. My sandwich swam away. Happy to return to one of my favorite foodie spots in DC. Tuna sandwich? Now that’s unusual, and I got to try it. Tun with greens was a great mix, had a strong sweet flavor. I’m picky about my sandwich/burger buns; they got light and fluffy like the clouds to not interfere with the overall flavors. This bun hit it right, sweet and bright. The only thing, I tasted far too much Lemon Aioli oil. I’m not a big fan of overly oily things. I think it’s a good sandwich, and maybe next time there will be less oil. Have you tried it? I would love to hear what you thought.

Crab Cake Sandwich $16

Get crabbing with your upscale high-end Crab Cake sandwich from one of our favorite upscale New American restaurants Farmers Fishers Bakers, in Georgetown, DC. Fabulous to return to one of our favorite restaurants brought to you by the creators of Founding Farmers. It’s crabby goodness with every bite. Right balance with spices and delicious Maryland Crab that would make any local fan tasty. Bread buns were sweet and light that was a perfect combination with all that crab goodness. The only thing that day fries were a bit too oily. Though the sandwich’s goodness made up for it, the perfect way to balance it out is by putting chips on top. A great sandwich that any crab lover should get to try.

Vegan Bacon Burger $12

All hail the king! I think this should be renamed King Vegan Bacon Burger! I was so surprised by the sheer size of this. Most meatless burgers are very slime and unimpressive. Got to fill up this meat lover! This redefined everything we know about fake meat and won over any other meatless dishes. It wasn’t just a boring, bland mix I find in most other places, but full of different flavors. I love the Louie sauce, mustard, and lemon mesclun salad mix. I was excited to try the fake bacon since I’ve never had it before, but it just got completely overpowered by Vegan Patty. I’m not surprised nor disappointed by this; hence it didn’t lose a point. So far, in my opinion, it’s the best Vegan/Vegetarian burger in town, sorry best Vegan King Burger in town.