Brunch Dessert from Mrs. K's

A Must Try All You Can Eat Brunch @ Mrs K’s

Sunday Brunch Buffet $30

So much to eat at one of the best Sunday brunch buffets in Silver Spring’s premier restaurants in the DC suburb. There are so many different things for you to try. From Eggs Benedict, ribs with meat so soft it falls off the bone, amazing home fries, to the tone of bacon and amazing meatballs you can’t get enough of. Got to try a little bit of everything at first and then come back for tone more food. You know the rule of buffet etiquette. You must have at least 3 plates to make it count. Here you might want to have five or more. Don’t forget to save up some space for desserts. Featured in our next review.

Brunch Omelet

We just egged ourselves with an omelet at one of the best all-you-can-eat Sunday brunches in Silver Spring premier restaurant, DC suburb. Dam, that is a whole lot of food for Sunday unlimited brunch for $30. What can be better than getting an all-you-can-eat omelet with any toppings? It’s not even a question unless there bacon. Of course, there is. Got some thick belly bacon, lots of lobster meat, and triple the cheese. Nothing beats a whole lot of different meats in an omelet. Every single meaty goodness tasted fresh and delicious — a great way to add several different flavor combinations. Of course not to forget the cheese. Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Again there are several choices, and we just went for all. That’s right, and we want it all! Prepared right there in front of us, it made for a perfect Sunday brunch dish.

French Toast Brunch

You can’t stuff your mouth fast enough with this french toast at one of the best Sunday all-you-can-eat brunches in Silver Spring, DC suburb. So many things to try at all you can eat brunch for $30. Always an excellent way to start the day with some fluffy sweet french toast. They are not too big, but one person will have trouble finish them all. Make sure to share with friends so you have more space for everything from all the different brunch selections. I could only eat one, and they are more substantial than what we use to. It same thickness as what we use too, but it tasted so heavy. You can’t find them in the regular buffet area, but ask your waiter, and they will be on your table right away.

Brunch Dessert

All you can eat desserts? Count us in for one of the best all-you-can-eat Sunday brunches in town at Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. Wow, that is a whole lot of sweetness as part of our all-you-can-eat for just $30. So many things to try. Too bad we only have one stomach. Though that hasn’t stopped us before, I love all the different cheesecakes, cakes, brownies, cookies, and so much more. Our favorite was cheesecake and carrot cake. Simply superbly little bites of joy. The only thing that I didn’t like as much was the lemon bars. However, they are usually not my thing. This is a must-try brunch not too far from Down Town Silver Spring from all the choices and quality.